Tutorlyte is a high-quality, paid tutoring program focused on helping students with difficult competition and school curriculum.


Classes are currently taught by Dylan Yu and Rushil Shah. We are two prospective MIT ‘27 students who aim to help others with their academic endeavors. Having participated in competitions and taken advanced classes at school, we understand the importance and difficulty of these topics. So, using the experience that we have gained, we wish to provide high-quality education for competitions and school curriculum to those eager to pursue their academic goals.


Tutoring consists of a few components:

  • Units. These consist of lecture notes, worked examples, and a problem set.
  • Meetings. These will occur through Zoom in one-hour sessions.
  • Discord. If you have questions, the best way to get a fast response is through the community Discord, which will be available to students after joining.
  • Email. We can be emailed at dylanyu66@gmail.com and rushilnshah2@gmail.com.

More information regarding the specific courses and payment can be found on the syllabus.